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Article written by the owner of CV Gown Cleaning & Preservation - Cathy Cadeddu - and Published by Your Local Wedding Guide

 Cleaning & Preservation

Many brides don’t ever wear their gowns again, so to ensure it remains in good condition, have your gown cleaned as soon as possible. You may not think your dress is very dirty, but perspiration and make-up can make some fabrics yellow, and there’s every possibility that there’s going to be a couple of party stains and spills from dirt, grass, food, and wine.

Your wedding gown, whether you have hopes that another family member may one day wear it, or you simply wish to hold onto it for sentimental reasons, should be professionally cleaned and preserved as soon as possible after your wedding day. Your wedding gown will become a cherished keepsake of your most memorable day. Like the memories of your wedding day, you want your gown to last forever. A specialist wedding dress cleaner can help restore your gown to its original beauty (and cleanliness!) and prepare it for long-term storage. Cleaning agents designed for delicate fabrics are used, and once cleaned, the dress should be wrapped in acid free tissue paper and stored in a box in a cool, dark place to prevent mould, mildew, insect and UV damage.

If your gown has embellishments such as beads, pearls, crystals, sequins, lace or embroidery you may wish to check with a specialist cleaner, some dry cleaning solvents can be detrimental to these. It is best to use a cleaner that specialises in hand cleaning methods to ensure no damage occurs. 


Need a reason to have your gown cleaned??


Here's an extract from a book I read recently, Bride and Groom - 100 Years of Fabulous Australian Weddings -

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INTRODUCTION - By Jane Hutchinson

When I was a little girl, if I’d been very, very good, my mother would drag out the stepladder, reach into the highest shelf of her bedroom wardrobe and carefully lift down her wedding dress. She would lovingly unravel its tissue-paper cocoon, smooth out any creases from the crisp white silk and then – if I promised to be oh so careful – she would let me try it on.  

As far as wedding gowns go, it was a fairly simple affair, devoid of lace, tulle or beading. Still, there was something about that dress that quickened my pulse and gave flight to my imagination. Somehow, even as a child, I sensed that this simple garment was imbued with all the heady anticipation and fluttering emotions that had filled my parents’ hearts on their wedding day more than a decade earlier.  

BRIDE & GROOM - 100 Years of Fabulous Australian Weddings
By Jane Hutchinson and Simone McKenna.
Published in 2006 by The Slattery Media Group

​Extract used with permission from Publisher.

Grandma's Wedding Dress

How beautiful is this story..

.....a client contacted me saying she is getting married later this year, and for a gift to her mum on her wedding day, she would like to have her grandmothers (her mum's mum's) gown cleaned and put in a preservation box.
It came to me in a black plastic bag, very dirty and discolored. It had not been looked after for many years. Look at it now!  (photo to the right) And, what a beautiful idea to have the 3 generations of women in the family represented on such a special day.  It is now loved again.

It was an amazing privilege to be a part of such a beautiful thing.